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Welcome to Prestigiousbullion.com, we are here to serve your Bullion needs. At Prestigiousbullion we are dedicated to the needs of our diverse clientel, and the items that they entrust us to deliver. Your financial future is our top priority, and we will leave no stone unturned to make sure we bring you top quality products from the most trusted Mints worldwide. Our mainstay is Copper Bullion, which thier is no one better in the market than Prestigiousbullion, but we have now started an aggressive expansion into all metals base and precious. Gold, Silver, Palladium, Nickel, Titanium, and a wide variety of Military and Novelty Challenger Coins are just a sample of what we sell, with alot more to come in the near future. We will continue to add more product so please stop by from time to time and check them out. Also please remember to LIKE us on Facebook, your Likes and comments will help guide other customers like yourself in thier decision to choose Prestigiousbullion, and keep everyone updated of new products. For the Adult buyer only feel free to view the CopperCapowns section for a wide variety of adult novelty items includingt the World Famous Legalize It rounds !!!

Our signature line of Copper, Nickel, and Silver items is unmatched by anyone in this field. We create custom designs for our diverse clientel, and can do the same for you. If its custom items you want created we would be happy to assist you in making these. We are fully capable to make your images for you business or personal collections. Business logos, novelty rounds, Entertainment event gifts, or for resale, we can make your art come to life. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the process and cost of making your images a reality. For all of our Policies like Shipping times and Charges, Returns, Payment, ect. please goto the Our Policies tab on the top bar and this will explain to you in detail what you can expect from us. Dont forget to create an account with us as you can NOT purchase without doing so, just hit the MY ACCOUNT tab and it will walk you through it. Our system is covered by a secure 258 bit encryption, so rest assured your information is safe with us ! For Bullion investors secure personal information is key, and for Prestigiousbullion our clients privacy is a top priority.

Thank you for choosing us, we appreciate all of our customers from our wholesalers worldwide to just individuals trying to invest thier money wisely. No matter how big or small the order ALL customers will be treated with the same Respect, Fairness, and Dignity that they deserve. At Prestigiousbullion all of our clients are equal no matter what the size of thier orders, thank you for visiting and hope to serve you soon !!!

We have items in our store that we deem as Unacceptable to Minors and children, we have placed all of these items in the CopperCapowns section for thier protection and ours! If you are a Minor do NOT view this section !!! For our customers who are looking for our Adult Novelty and bullion items such as our Legalize It, Shroomin, ect. please goto this section. Prestigiousbullion or CopperCapowns can NOT be held liable for parents who allow thier underage children (anyone under 18 years of age) to view this section !!! We are also not liable if children decide to view and purchase from this section on thier own.
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20 2013 AVDP oz. 2nd Amendment Preserve your Rights .999 Copper Bullion Rounds
20 2013 AVDP oz. 2nd Amendment Preserve your Rights .999 Copper Bullion Rounds
Your Price: $22.99
1000 Pounds .9995 Copper Bullion 20 Styles PLUS
1000 Pounds .9995 Copper Bullion 20 Styles PLUS
Your Price: $6,699.99
50 Gram .999 Fine Gold Valcambi Bar
50 Gram .999 Fine Gold Valcambi Bar
Your Price: $2,749.99
 2012 One Ounce ADVP Copper Ingot Capone Legalize It
2012 One Ounce ADVP Copper Ingot Capone Legalize It
Your Price: $2.50
2013 Kilo .999 fine Copper Bullion Bar-Liberty Bell
2013 Kilo .999 fine Copper Bullion Bar-Liberty Bell
Your Price: $15.99
2013 Half Pound .9995 fine Copper Bar - JFK
2013 Half Pound .9995 fine Copper Bar - JFK
Your Price: $3.85